Project Life

What is bucket list?
Most of the people will answer this as a list of things you haven't done in your life but you wanted to do before you die. Google says, it comes from the word "to kick the bucket" which means to die. I know each of us has a bucket list. Including me of course! I do have lots of things I wanted to do but I haven't done yet.

Recently, when I woke up I ask my self these questions... What are the things that I have done? Is there anything that had happened that makes my life so interesting? Did my life been so meaningful in the past years? Honestly, I have thought that my 21 years of existence here on earth was totally boring! Yes, there are some firsts that I have experienced but I can say that most of my time were spent on studying and online surfing. I had a wake up call that I should change my lifestyle. I want to make my life more fruitful. I want to spend each seconds, worthy to look back in the future.

So with this so-called-mantra that I have perceived I made a list of the things I wanted to do and I will call it Project Life. Why project life? Because its a project that I need to do to make my life meaningful by fulfilling the goals I have set. A list of the things I wanted to do in my life to live it to the fullest through these goals. Here it is!!!

and more to come. SKY'S THE LIMIT! :)