Friday, June 28, 2013


On my past DIY, I made a distressed short but the color is not pleasing at all. It is not eye-catching. I make up my mind and decided to make it ombre. Wherein, it would be my next DIY project. I bet you know that ombre short is on the latest trends because it has the appeal to catch attention.  And for me, it looks lovely at all. Yes, I'm inlove with ombre! <3 

This DIY is divided into 2 parts: The Bleaching and the Dye-ing part.
I need to bleach my short because I don't want its color which is green. So I decided to bleach it so the short  will turn white.

Part 1: Bleaching

What you'll need:
Bleach (Zonrox for the brand)
A small basin

Step: 1
Soak the short on the basin with a pure bleach.
 Don't mix water so the color transformation won't took long. Hang the short after you soak it to the bleach. 

After a couple of minutes, the green short turns white. You can see on the photo that the color of the short is a bit yellowish, I soak it again to the bleach and waited until it turns white. If your satisfied with its whitish color, rinse it  and toss your short on the dryer. 

Part 2: Dye-ing

What you'll need:
A small bucket
Boiling water
A tablespoon of salt
Venus powder clothing dye 
Cold Water

For the color of the dye, its your choice what you want for your ombre short. You can use different colors but I specifically want red. 

Step 1:
Pour the boiling water to the small bucket.

Step 2:
Put the dye 

Step 3:
Put the salt and mix it.

Step 4:
Soak half of the short on the dye mixture for a couple of minutes.

Soak until you're satisfy on its color.

Step 5:
Rinse it.

Step 6:
Soak the other half of the short but for a short period of time only. 
To have a lighter color.

Step 7:
Rinse it again, let it dry and you're done! 
That's all, now you have your own ombre short! :)


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